The Industrial Relevance of Cosplay Costumes and What to Expect In 2016

The Industrial Relevance of Cosplay Costumes and What to Expect In 2016

Both adults and kids love role playing in elegant costumes to play the part of characters from their favorite comic books, videos games, anime, and even feature movies and TV shows. Especially for kids, dressing up in cosplay costumes allows the individual to not only express themselves in certain ways or send particular messages, but it also comes in as a means to fulfill their hidden or obvious fantasies. A good example of a huge cosplay event is WonderCon 2016, which occurred at a convention center in Los Angeles. This one featured many people dressed in costumes to personify their favorite characters like Spiderman, batman, superman, and a number of Star Wars characters just to mention a few. The big question, however, is, what is the main essence of cosplay costumes and what’s the main impact on various industries? And what are we to expect most in 2016.


Some of the most popular TV shows, comics, video games and feature films have been for a long time quite effective in the advertising and marketing fields. More often than not, products promoted by cosplayers using popular character costumes end up being received well by the target market, leading to impressive returns to the company or business. This is something that some of the most successful companies and entrepreneurs have learned to utilize to their advantage.



During Halloween holidays and others such as Mardi Gras, you will often come across individuals dressed up in anime, film, and video game costumes to satisfy their fantasies as they celebrate. Costume producers tend to benefit well during these periods of the year.

Fashion and Culture

Cosplay conventions often have a huge impact in the fashion and culture industries. More often than not, the costumes go along with particular types of make-up products and hairstyles. During such conventions, some of these products tend to gain popularity to become the trend within communities.

Cosplay Costumes to Expect To See Most In 2016 

Due to the newest comic book movie release Batman vs. Superman, the two superhero costumes will probably be in quite a high demand. This will probably see fashioners, designers, and retail stores stocking those two cosplay costumes in 2016 benefit big-time in terms of the returns. Some of the most popular cosplay costumes from popular video games currently include those worn by characters from Zelda, Metal Gear Assassin’s Creed, and League of Legends. From feature films, Spiderman, Cat woman, and some characters from Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens are some of the trendiest. When it comes to cartoon and anime, Stephanie Sheh, Suicide Squad, Christy Carlson Romano, and Michael Sinterniklaas costumes will be trendy in 2016.